I'm a motion designer with an ethos of not letting the medium hold me back. I interest in problem-solving and storytelling with moving imagery. I want to specialise

in design for broadcast and for tour/live visuals.


I am originally from Liverpool, UK while also having 

lived in Milan, Italy practising and improving my design skills in a city so immersed in design culture. I am now a recent graduate from Bath,UK.


p.s you can call me sam, the only reason I'm not www.samwike.com is because it's taken by an asian gabling company....not a joke. 

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Bath School of Art and Design:

Graphic Communications

Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano

Graphic Design and Art Direction

Tour/Live Visuals


Ed Graves



Get Drunk and Draw

Creative Director/Organiser

Shake Bristol (illustration and zine fair)

Art Direction/Lead Organiser for the participation of Bath School of Art and Design



The Essential Journal - Issue 25

Illustrations and Photography

YourMove Magazine - Issue 418

Front Cover

YourMove Magazine - Issue 415

Front Cover


Dyson + Mimica 

Bristol Refugee Rights

University Of Bath

Ed Graves


Check out Ed at here